Bobby Weber
Bobby Weber Founder and President

Since 1998 BOBBY WEBER has served as Founder and President of DREAM Workplace, a firm dedicated to helping people reach their full potential. Bobby has built a successful training practice having served clients include companies like Halliburton, Berkshire Hathaway, Citicorp The AED (Association Equipment Distributors) Vermeer Equipment Company, The Staubach Company, ROMCO Equipment Company, Justin Boots, Acme Brick, Hilton Hotels and many other firms too.

Bobby Weber has an entrepreneurial background formerly serving founder of a successful construction company he then accepted a position as a Regional Vice President within the Financial Services Industry. Since 1998 he has differentiated himself as an outstanding trainer, speaker, mentor, and executive coach and he and his team have established a solid track record helping people take their careers and lives to higher levels of achievement.

Bobby has written over 800 pages of business-based professional development curriculum spanning over 60 different training topics, with work translated into Spanish. He is an Adjunct Professor with the Dallas Community College District and the Bill J. Priest Institute. He has a graduate certificate in Ministerial Studies from Berean University in Springfield, Missouri.

Bobby has a drive and passion to make a difference in business and in people’s lives. He is dedicated to fitness and nutrition; he has completed five Marathons and he is an accomplished singer and musician. He is a life-long learner and enjoys investing time mentoring receptive people. Bobby lives with his wife, Christina in Frisco, Texas. He is the father of their three adult children Robert, Marcus and Cassandra. He is a grandfather to Nicolas, John, Grady, and Michael.

Christina D. Weber
Christina D. Weber Co-founder and Executive Vice President

Christina D. Weber since 1998 has served as Co-Founder and Executive Vice President at DREAM Workplace. She provides support for a team of professional training consultants, manages vendor relationships, and oversee the company’s daily operations.

Christina has co-founded three successful entrepreneurial ventures with her husband and business partner of 34 years. She is an energetic, accomplished business executive with significant B2B experience and B2C settings; industries served include construction, manufacturing, health care and medical, the church / nonprofit sector, and general business administration.

She is an analytical and strategic thinker known for planning and executing business plans to achieve results. She possesses proven expertise in strategic business management, leadership and executive management; strategic thinking; crisis management, planning and execution; corporate communications and leadership. During her tenure with DREAM Workplace, she has played an integral role in helping to grow our average size client from a beginning range of $5M -$50M to our current client revenue of $100M to 12B.

She has assisted in the development of a comprehensive training curriculum spanning more than 60 different training topics. She has developed system to support multiple trainers and training projects.